Connect Well/COVID Support

The role of Connect Well workers

Please follow the link to Hull CCG here, to find out more about the Connect Well service and what support you can be offered.

Connect Well Hull is a friendly, free and confidential service for local people who live in Hull or are registered with a Hull GP (doctors’ practice).

We offer advice, support, and choice, including connecting you to services that:

  • Help you get active and feel better
  • Make you feel more linked in with your community
  • Offer support with physical conditions or emotional difficulties
  • Provide the advice you need on issues like money or housing

We can help you work out what’s right for you and how you can access it easily. We understand that everyone is different, so we will work with you to find out what challenges you are facing and what you hope to achieve. We will then advise you directly or support you to access the right group or organisation.